Spring Has Sprung and Micah is Five! | Rockford, IL Family Photographer

There is a hill behind my house that sits empty, covered in nothing other than dead grass at the moment. Despite its barren appearance, every evening it glows gold under the setting sun as it filters through the bare tree tops in the horizon. As we pulled into the neighborhood Saturday night, the air was warmer than it’s been in ages, and I could see the top of the hill gleaming, nearly red, all the dead grass reflecting the setting sun. I took a detour and drove up the hill, told Micah to jump out of the car and we ran across the matted grass to a clearing. Perfect light demands that you stop and appreciate it.

The sun set and rose and my baby was five years old.

Birthday eve…

5 Year Old Boy at sunset by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0001
5 Year Old Boy at sunset by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0002



What to Wear: Styling Your Session!

Need help deciding what to wear for your portrait session? It’s not just about looking cute (although that is important, too). Your wardrobe will serve several purposes during your shoot. Understanding what clothing does for you will really help you in making your wardrobe selections. 

Clothing is Color

Think of your clothing as the dominate color palette in your art piece. So let’s start out by thinking about where you will be hanging your prints. What colors will compliment the room? Or, if you are going to be using your pictures for your website, what colors will compliment your web design? Think in terms of a complete palette and don’t forget to incorporate texture and pattern. When you are picking out clothes, try laying them out in the room where you will be hanging your portraits. Do they compliment the room? If they look great laying on the couch in your living room, for example, you know your pictures will look great on the wall above the couch. Coordinating your clothing with your portraits’ ultimate destination will give the room a very polished look. If you have a very neutral room, guess what? You can go crazy with color, if you want!

What to Wear Kimberly Neyer Photography_0001

Clothing is Mood

The color, texture and shape of your clothing tells a story about you and sets the mood of your portrait. Wearing a tuxedo is very different from wearing a sweatsuit. Of course you know that! So think about the mood you want to create in your picture. Now imagine what you are wearing when you feel that way. Do you want to feel excited? Wear crazy patterns and bright colors! Do you want to feel trendy? Elegant? Happy? Lovely? This is very personal – not everyone feels the same emotion from certain styles.

Clothing is a Prop

This is key if you are nervous about being in front of the camera. Accessories are not just the staples of a complete outfit, they give your hands something to do when you feel awkward. Jackets give you something to hold onto. Pockets are a place to put your hands. A necklace is something to play with (and it looks cute). A hat is something to peek out from. Cute boots seem to make foot placement so much easier (kick up those heels anyone?). If you wear nothing but a top and a bottom, what will be your anchor?

What to Wear Kimberly Neyer Photography_0003

Clothing is the Thread…

…that ties it all together. Think of your family’s wardrobe as a single outfit. Start with the statement piece. Usually the mother wears this, but sometimes it’s the child if he or she is the focal point of the portrait. The statement piece is the person in the picture with the boldest pattern and the most colors. Everyone else in the portrait will use this outfit as a reference for their own clothing. It’s like designing a room around your favorite painting. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the focal point will stick out too much, or that everyone else will be dressed plainly. It just means that there will be a common theme throughout. It’s all about creating a cohesive portrait and showing connection through clothing as well as interaction.

What to Wear Kimberly Neyer Photography_0002


Sweet Sisters | Rockford, IL Child Photographer

I have been photographing these little girls for 3 years now, well at least one of them! (The other hasn’t been around that long, hehe.) I can’t believe how big they are getting! I still have some pictures of them from last year that never got blogged because I was so busy. Actually, you don’t even want to know how many sessions went unblogged – it’s overwhelming! I’ll save those for a rainy day…

Taylor just turned five, so that was the special occasion for this photo shoot. Her mom loves ivory, which is perfect because I am obsessed with all things ivory, cream and white! I have a lot of props in my studio that are these colors because I love it so much. Ivory + texture = perfection! But what I really love about these images are the girls’ sweet expressions. They are just so beautiful and cute! Reese looks like such a big girl now but she still has those adorable baby-like hands and button nose. Aren’t their dresses so pretty, too? Love, love, love!

Sisters in the Studio by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0001
Sisters in the Studio by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0002


Urban Maternity Session in Peoria, IL | Rockford, IL Maternity Photographer

Dan and Libby are going to be welcoming a baby girl soon. I’m so excited for them! I first met them nine years ago. I can’t even believe it has been that long! My husband has been friends with Dan since they were in the fourth grade. I feel like the next thing we know, we are going to blink and our own kids will be in the fourth grade.

We started out their maternity session in the adorable nursery. Maternity pictures in the nursery are some of my favorites! There is just something about being in the room where your baby is going to sleep, folding tiny clothes, arranging their books and toys, and imagining your baby in your arms. It’s so surreal to think about how this perfect little room will be the setting for so many awesome moments in the future.

After taking some shots around the house, we moved the session to an industrial area of Peoria and put an urban spin on maternity. I love how they turned out – and I really wish this awesome old door wasn’t 2 1/2 hours away from me!

Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0001

Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0002
Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0003
Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0004
Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0005
Maternity Session by Kimberly Neyer Photography_0006

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