Witness | Whitewater, WI – Rockford, IL Wedding Photographer

This weekend I joked with one of my future brides about the cliche’s often spouted by photographers, and one line in particular was “I’ll capture your most priceless memories.” Isn’t that what we all say? Don’t get me wrong: just because it’s a cliche, doesn’t make it true, but still, it seems a a little obvious. Isn’t that why we are there? Does our presence make those memories priceless? Would we be there if they weren’t priceless memories?  Yes, no & probably not.

As an outsider looking in, I will look for those elements that make each couple, family or individual unique. Sometimes I search, wait, ask questions… but sometimes it is just presented to me. And I can honestly say that not only was it easy to see what set Rebecca & Shane apart, but I left that wedding with my own memories. I’m sure every single guest was impacted by their love for each other and God. Their ceremony — their entire day — was a testimony to that love. I wasn’t creating anything priceless… I was just recording it. I was a witness to it, and I was impacted by it.

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