Camden | Rockford, IL Newborn Photographer

Camden’s newborn session almost got cut short by inclement weather. During the session, it began to get extremely dark outside. I was shooting in natural light and initially I was able to raise my ISO to compensate, but then it became really, really dark. I asked Camden’s dad to check the radar because I was becoming concerned there could be some pretty severe weather. It got so dark that I had to set up my strobe light and softbox to continue the session. I got my light set up and then the power began to flicker. So now, not only was it too dark to take pictures in natural light, but the power was threatening to go out and I need electricity to power my light! I was going to have to tear down the light and replace it with my battery powered speed light. Luckily the power decided to stay on and I was able to finish the session!

I was also able to try out a macro lens that I rented for the week. Look at Camden’s adorable little lips! You’ll have to let me know what you think of macro images of babies. I am still debating whether the macro lens would be a good investment and addition to my arsenal. 🙂

Rockford Newborn Photographer Camden_0003

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