How to Photograph Your Preschooler & Newborn {In 15 “Easy” Steps}

How to photograph your preschooler and newborn in 15 easy steps:

  1. Feed your newborn.
  2. Dress your preschooler.
  3. Dress your newborn.
  4. Change newborn's diaper.
  5. Clean preschooler's face.
  6. Pose the children on the couch.
  7. Explain to preschooler how he needs to hold the baby, ask husband to sit closer in case he needs to catch the little one.
  8. Pick up the crying baby.
  9. Repose the children.
  10. Tell the preschooler to stop picking his nose.
  11. Re-explain to the preschooler that babies will fall over if not held.
  12. Repose the children.
  13. Pick up the crying baby.
  14. Repose…
  15. Quick, snap as many as you can before the baby cries!

3 year old and 6 week old brothers

Oh, and one more step:

Jump for joy that you actually got something decent after all that!

Matthew is 6 weeks old and Micah will be 4 in April. Love my boys!

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