17 Months Old | Rockford, IL Child Photographer

17 months old on the 17th… just one more month until my baby is a year and a half old! I’ve been hesitant to call Matthew a toddler until recently, because he’s still not 100% walking. He takes steps often, but he’s not using his feet as his main mode of transportation. He is an expert, lightning fast crawler, however, and he can climb up on top of the dining room table in seconds. I’m a little sad to see him moving past the baby stage, but happy to see his childlike personality truly beginning to shine. He’s always had a content, calm personality, and now he is starting to show a silly and mischievous side, which is a lot of fun to see!

So, I have been looking at these pants on Etsy for a long time. I love linen pants on little boys. I have been dying to photograph Matthew in these pants. I was having a hard time thinking of the perfect setting in which to showcase these pants, however. How I love these pants!! (Are you sick of me saying “pants” yet?) Then yesterday, I realized I had to use my old weathered rocking chair, which sits on my front step. I dragged it into my kitchen and pushed the dining room table out of the way so I could use the blank wall as a backdrop. The wall is adjacent to our patio door, so the lighting there is lovely and soft. I had to bribe Matthew with Smarties to stay in the chair and had to pull out my extra silly moves to get him to laugh, but it was so worth all the bribery and ridiculous antics! I love these pictures of Matthew. Love, love, loooooove them. I’m going to have to put these up on the walls soon… I just need to find some space first ūüėČ

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