Danielle’s Mommy & Me Mini | Rockford, IL Family Photographer

I checked the temperature reading on the dash as I pulled onto the highway. 53 degrees. Why did I wear short sleeves? I thought to myself. When I arrived at my studio, I pushed open my car door against the wind and immediately regretted my poor choice of clothing. The calendar says it’s spring, but the weather is apparently oblivious to this fact. As I trekked up the hill to the park, however, I began to feel warmer. I move around too much while I shoot to get cold. I’ve done shoots in weather that was so cold, it messed with the battery in my camera and I had to hold a warmer against the side to keep it running. I can handle 53 degrees!

Well, I can’t say the same for little miss Eleanor! A few minutes into our mini session, she started to whimper despite being wrapped in a blanket. We can’t have that! We moved into my studio for the remainder of the time. She still kept giving me very serious looks, though.

Rockford, IL Family Photographer Kimberly Neyer

Ryan was oblivious to it being cold, because he was running as fast as he could. It was an adventure getting him to pause for a picture. At one point he started trying to take off his shirt. His dad asked him jokingly, “what kind of studio do you think this is?” and he promptly replied, “a NAKED studio!” I laughed so hard! No, this is not that kind of studio, little man! 

Rockford, IL Family Photographer Kimberly Neyer

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