Elli’s First Snowfall!

This weekend marked another milestone for my baby girl, Elli: her first snow fall!  I noticed she had the very same expression on her face as she did when she was born. It must be the look she gets when she sees something for the very first time. She gets the “Elvis lip” and sort of squints with one eye. Haha! Of course, as soon as she saw daddy looking at her to take her picture, she gave him her signature adorable look. She loves her daddy so much! I couldn’t get over how cute she looked in her pink snow gear. As much as I was dreading winter this year, I can’t deny the snow falling down is so incredibly beautiful!


Rockford IL Senior Portrait Photographer Kimberly Neyer_0008

(This photo also got featured this weekend by @spectacular_kids on Instagram

Micah was excited for the snow. He tried to wake us up super early to go out and play in it. Um… no. We made him wait until everyone had woken up and at least eaten breakfast. I can only imagine how early he is going to be waking us up on Christmas morning this year!

Rockford IL Senior Portrait Photographer Kimberly Neyer_0009

Now, Matthew’s reaction to the snow was slightly less than enthusiastic. Actually, it was sad and sweet all at the same time. He made it about 12 seconds into his first snow experience of the season before he burst into tears and 2-year-old hysterics because the snow was blowing into his face and he was cold. Matthew, you and I are not so different. I’ll tell you what: we can hang out inside, in the heat, while all these other silly people in our family play outside in the freezing wind and snow. What are they thinking?
Rockford IL Senior Portrait Photographer Kimberly Neyer_0010

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