Mikayla | Rockford, IL Newborn Photographer

One week after returning from our North Carolina adventure and I am finally feeling “caught up” on life; from unpacking our luggage to catching up on orders that came in while I was gone, there has been a lot to do this week! This morning I reflected on how fortunate I am to have this long to-do list. Lots of images to sort and edit means my business is helping my family get closer and closer to our goal to become debt free! Piles of laundry means my family has clothes to wear! Dirt and sand on the kitchen floor means my kids have been having fun playing outside. Dishes in the sink mean my family has been fed! There are so many things to be grateful for…

Last night, I looked for an old picture of my husband and I to post on Facebook for a 7 day photo challenge my sister tagged me in.  We have been together for over 11 years, but it looks like we started dating when we were 12. (Why do 20-year-olds look 12 to me now?) As I looked through pictures, I remembered details from our early years that I had forgotten. A single photo of us sitting in a booth at a karaoke bar instantly brought back the whole night, down to the songs we sang. Photos record more than a visual history, don’t they? There are emotional ties and stories attached to our images.  It’s why I love looking through old photo albums with my mom. I don’t remember being an infant, but I love seeing the way she smiled at me and I can’t believe how tiny I was in her arms.

Mikayla will never remember being 11 days old, but look what she has to look back on… what stories will her parents tell her about those early weeks and what stories will these photos tell?

Rockford IL Photographer Kimberly Neyer_0047

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