Preview: Frankie’s First Birthday Session | Rockford, IL Baby Photographer

Do you remember catching fireflies as a kid? Spotting the little blinking lights was half the fun, and then to catch one in a jar… well that was just magical, wasn’t it? Photographing one-year-olds is not unlike catching fireflies. Instead of a jar, it’s my camera, but I’m still waiting for that brief little moment of light. Maybe it’s the smile, or the look of wonder, or something else… but it’s magical. And just like chasing fireflies, it requires a bit of patience, but the outcome is a sweet memory kept forever. And of course, photographs last longer than fireflies, thank goodness.

While keeping Frankie (and every other 1-year-old) in front of the camera was an amusing, repetitive endeavor, we still managed to catch a handful of “fireflies.” Look at these adorable eyes – and that smile just gets me. He is a cutie, isn’t he? Happy birthday, little man! I look forward to sharing more from this shoot.

One year Old little boy in studio birthday session Rockford IL Photographer Kimberly Neyer


T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
N e w s l e t t e r